Sep 13, 2016


Realism in my Photography

Posted in : Photography on by : Mike

I want to take a quick minute to get up on my high-horse and talk about realism in photography, and particularly, my photography. 🙂

When I’m reviewing and processing my pictures, the foremost thing on my mind is to try to make sure the final image is an accurate depiction of what was in front of me when I took the picture. The main reason I became interested in photography in the first place is that I wanted to get better at making sure my pictures represented exactly what I saw. I don’t always have the best memory, and I wanted pictures so I could look back and easily recall what I had seen and done.

The reason I think about the idea of realism is because of how frequently we see Photoshopped images these days. For example a picture of a tiger might be changed to black and white, except for the tiger’s eyes, which are full color and bright, brilliant yellow. Personally, when it comes to nature and wildlife photos, I hate this. My opinion is that nature needs no highlighting.

I’m not saying those pictures look bad, it’s just something I’ll never do. I want my photographs to represent, to the best of my ability, what I saw that day, and I’ll let nature do the rest.

So there you have it, you’ll never see me changing colors or whatever, to anything other than what I, and the camera, saw that day.

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